Control your lights through a voice assistant, smartphone, motion sensor, and much more. Controlling through a voice assistant is the most beneficial way to get started with smart devices.

If you're a couple thousand or even a hundred feet away from your home, control the lights to make it look like you're there. All you need is the lights, a plug-in module, a hub, and a smartphone. 

Among the many things you can do with smart lighting, check out how you can entertain guests. From the Alexa commands to dimming the light when you say" Alexa, it's movie time."

Why Smart Lighting?

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So, what are you waiting for?

Convenience - whether you're sitting on your couch or you're a thousand miles away, remotely control lighting throughout your home. Wow Factor - be the coolest family on the block and show off your automation solutions whenever guests come over. 

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If you have a voice assistant already, the outdoor modules are a perfect place to start. With an easy as pie setup, start your journey today. 

The perfect mix for your home. Start with outdoor lights and indoor lights. Simply plug-in, connect to the app, and set scenes, routines, & more

Key Benefits

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Take a small stab at home automation with our classic kit. Control your lights from anywhere in the world, make it fun with a voice assistant.

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Simple. Remote Control. Lighting.

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Use a remote to control lights. The perfect kit if you don't need voice control.

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The ultimate package if you have a voice assistant. Experience the flexibility of using keypads, a voice assistant, or smartphone. 

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Already have a Voice Assistant?

I can control lights with Alexa & my smartphone. The setup is simple. 100/100.

- Review by Mark J. 

If you want voice control, any kit with an Insteon hub works great with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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Make Your Labor Day Brighter

Hosting an outdoor BBQ and want to set the tone?

Got too much sauce on your fingers and need a hands-free method of controlling the lighting?

Need to create a cool lighting scene using multiple lights around your home?

Smart Lighting has you covered

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